Why register at Wizard of Kids?

Because it is FUN & EASY for you, family and friends!

When shower invitations are sent out, we assemble all of your wishes into a crib (hopefully the one you want or have already purchased) and your friends and family come shopping.  Then we wrap it…..quick, easy, FUN!

The Necessities YOU should select


Not everyone will buy you a crib, but isn’t a gift certificate toward the quality furniture you really want better than 50 sleepers your baby will outgrow before wearing?


Well intended mom-in-laws like to buy these.  Please pick out what you want to record, we have over 100 in stock!


Do you carry essentials or do you want to leave the house knowing you are prepared for anything?  We suggest separate bags for Mom + Dad….will save many “I thought you did it” emergencies.


A few wonderful sleepers or outfits that work well and those you will keep for your baby’s baby

and the list goes on…WE WILL HELP YOU!